Ship Model

2014 Award winning game. Has been┬ádeveloped for Oculus Rift DK1 and was made by 4 students. We won the award in category ”Best game production 2014 SAE institute”.


About the game.
The Oculus was just rising out of the ashes of Virtual Reality. We saw the potention and took on this journey. We learned a lot in development stage and this was a good preparation on what may come in the world of VR gaming.



We came up with a solid GDD and a story that tries to trigger curiosity and other human emotions. The story takes place in space. All alone, missing home, boring job, but wait, what happens? What does the pleyer need to do in case of emercencies. How whould he or she tackle the tasks. Is he she known to the ship environment already?
All this experience in VR thanks to the Oculus.